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Revitalize your Skin

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Revitalize your Skin
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With all the stresses of Covid, the recent KZN riots and the chill of winter it is time to give your skin a boost. This is easy to achieve in your home care routine with a good exfoliation. There is something special about the feeling of extra-soft, smooth and clean feeling skin.

Most of us are aware that our skin is the largest organ in the body and naturally replenishes itself every 24 to 36 days. A skin cell will move up to the surface of the skin, loosing moisture and slough off as a dead dry flake. A skin that is not regularly exfoliated can take on a dull lifeless complexion. The older we get the slower this renewal process naturally occurs.

One of the major benefits of regular exfoliation is to unclog the skin pores of excess oil and bacteria forming problematic skin conditions. Exfoliating also increases the penetration of any products applied directly after, from a serum, oil, mask or moisturizer. Other benefits include increased circulation, yielding a smoother more radiant skin.

Esse probiotic skin care product range has two exfoliators for home use. The Cocoa exfoliator is my  favourite, boasting a sucrose grain and a seriously chocolatey smell and taste! This is easy to use in the shower, softening and smoothing the skin. It contains marula oil to Nourish and protect the skin.

The second exfoliater is the Microderm exfoliater for a more sensitive mature skin.  This contains micro-particles of kaolin and calcium carbonate to gently polish and refine the skin surface.

For a healthy radiant skin I recommend exfoliating twice a week. For best results apply a suitable serum or mask after.

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BY: Hayley Guthrie, Somatologist – InSkin