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Skincare – Its Just As Important For Men

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Skincare - Its Just As Important For Men
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Proper skin care should be a priority for men. It’s more than just a quick splash in the shower, but a simple regime designed to keep the skin clean, hydrated and healthy.
Men’s skin is different to women’s. Because of men’s thicker facial hair, they have a stronger support structure to their skin. This along with more collagen and elastin fibres (yes men do actually age better than women!), result in a thicker skin that is better for resisting wrinkles.
Facial oil glands produce oil, therefore a man’s skin is oilier than a woman’s. Oil can trap moisture keeping the skin hydrated and more youthful looking. The downside of a more oily skin however, is it can lead to acne.
The texture of a man’s skin is thicker and can be rougher, making it more suitable to daily abuse, and while the daily routine of shaving provides exfoliation, it can lead to sensitivity.
With all the above considerations the ideal skincare routine should include cleansing, moisturising and sun screen. Start with daily cleansing. The Esse Gel Cleanser is ideal, it is organic and gentle, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. This cleanser is foamy and makes the ideal base for shaving. Try avoid an astringent aftershave, rather moisturise with an Esse Moisturiser of your choice.
I can also highly recommend the Heliocare gel SPF 50 or Sunumbra Classic 30 which are both non oily and provide essential protection from the sun.
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BY: Hayley Guthrie, Somatologist – InSkin
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