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Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the Air
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Goood bye winter, hello Spring! With the warmer months approaching it is time to get serious with daily Spf for your skin. As a runner myself, I am acutely aware of the importance of sunscreen. First and foremost a sunscreen protects the skin from ultra violet rays from the sun, and secondly and just as important a sunscreen provides a barrier that helps lock in moisture and protect the skin from the elements, especially wind.

There are 2 different types of ultra violet waves from the sun. UVA is responsible for skin aging and skin cancer as these rays penetrate to a deeper layer of the skin. UVB radiation causes sunburn, darkening and thickening of the skin, skin cancers, namely melanomas. 70 % of UV penetrates through glass, this is important to consider when you are driving. 

At Thrive we sell HELIOCARE Sunscreen, one of the top recommended sunscreens by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Heliocare is a rather unique sunscreen, containing Fernblock, a mineral extracted from a fern in Central America, with proven phyto-protective properties and offering broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. it is suitable for all skin types, is non greasy, and non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores and cause nasty breakouts. The formulas are light weight and spread effortlessly. 

The products include a light and brown gel cream tinted sunscreen, ideal for ladies giving the skin a light cover and beautiful glow. The gel cream is ideal for men, as this is a non greasy, light weight sunscreen and lastly a body sunscreen. All products are Spf 50. 

Visit Thrive to purchase your Heliocare Sunscreen or chat to Hayley, Somatologist @Thrive for more information. 

BY: Hayley Guthrie, Somatologist – InSkin

For advise on skin care products book a consultation with Hayley on 082 326 9884
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