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This month we are celebrating women

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This month we are celebrating women
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This month we are celebrating women! We are encouraging women to support women in our community. All too often we find ourselves tearing women down instead of lifting each other up. Be the change. Start the change.

Here are some tips to help you be the wonder woman in your circle of influence –

  1. Shine your light!
    Be real, be open and be transparent. Let down your guard and show others the true you. Allow others to shine with you.
  2. Live from your own incredible worth
    Be confident yet humble. Celebrate each other’s wins and be there for one another when there are let downs. Don’t judge, listen open heartedly. Don’t interrupt others. It’s not always about your opinion. Sometimes we all just need to be hear.
  3. Advocate for zero tolerance
    Stop tolerating abusive talk and behaviour amongst women. If you’re a manager or leader, enforce anti-bullying policies. Retrain or remove workplace bullies, both men and women. If you’re being bullied, document the abuse, report it, and be clear about how you want to be treated. If you witness bullying, don’t hide the truth to keep the peace. And if you’re a bully, seriously, why? Learn how to exercise real power to have authentic friendships and respectful colleagues, not ones that loathe your presence.
  4. Be a Wonder Woman with your wise words
    Be kind to other women, love other women. Stop gossiping and putting women down. Gossiping is destructive and hurtful. Instead focus on helping and being there for one another. Focus on building each other up. Find your integrity.
  5. Applaud woman’s successes
    Don’t allow your own insecurities and jealousy stop you from celebrating others. Be happy for others. Your turn will come to shine.
  6. Even Wonder Woman has to rest
    Slow down, breathe, and nurture yourself, if only for a few minutes. When we’re more rested, it’s easier to give a big thumbs-up to a woman’s ideas at work or celebrate others success. Take time out for you!


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