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Thrive is set to Thrive!

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Lynda Bryant
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On the back of Thrive’s recent success of winning the award for the Best Community Pharmacy in South Africa, we are delighted to announce that Kevin Hedderwick has acquired an equity and strategic stake in the business with a view to unlocking the growth potential of the brand.

Kevin has an enviable record in growing businesses. Together with an outstanding leadership team Kevin turned what was a small family business trading as Steers Holdings in 2000 with a market capitalisation of R105 million into a R14 billion company at the time of his retirement in 2016.

Famous Brands Limited is today Africa’s leading branded food service franchisor consisting of best-in-class brands underpinned by significant manufacturing and logistics operations.

Prior to his retirement from corporate life he also served on the boards of several blue chip listed and non-listed companies as a Non-Executive Director.

Kevin says “As  part of my venture capital ambitions,  I have decided to invest in the very exciting and emerging Health and Wellness brand – Thrive:  the brainchild of my business partner Lynda Bryant Mutsaerts. Via a number of different  trading formats, and business models, the plan is to grow this brand initially focused on KZN and thereafter nationally.“

In addition to investing in young startup businesses, Kevin also advises and consults to non-listed companies focusing on strategy development, organisational redesign, performance  and change management.

Thrive, previously known as National Road Pharmacy was established in 1959. Lynda Bryant-Mutsaerts bought the pharmacy in 2005. Over the last 14 years, there have been a number of renovations and updating of the store culminating in a major renovation and rebrand in October 2016, when Thrive was born.

Thrive was a long-term vision of Lynda’s as she was looking to create a space that could meet all the healthcare needs of her community, both from treatments for ailments and preventative approaches. A space that combined a more holistic approach to health and wellness and provided a professional approach to more integrated healthcare of the individual. Thrive met these needs by keeping the community better than well with a beautiful space to meet wellness needs through the combination of a pharmacy, health shop, juice bar and clinic. Thrive has aimed to support local, natural and organic produce as much as possible and therefore has created a niche and trusted space in which to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

With the combination of Lynda’s pharmaceutical excellence in business acumen and Kevin’s impeccable business foresight, the Thrive Brand is set for success.

Thrive, its investors and its people are deeply passionate about making the total health and wellness package, both conventional and unconventional, easily accessible to the local, suburban community.

“I have always known that what we had created here in Kloof, needed wings to fly and I am so excited and honoured to welcome Kevin to the Thrive team to enable us to take Thrive to the next level.” – Lynda Bryant-Mutsaerts


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