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What’s that smell?

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What’s that smell?
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][mark style=”paragraph”]Worried about the smell in the upper highway area? Don’t know what to do to look after your health?[/mark]

Come into Thrive for your health support – we have these useful suggestions to help combat the potential negative effects of the smell!

Zeolite powder could help. We live in a toxic world where we are exposed to chemicals in the air, food, water and products we consume and are exposed to. Some of these toxic chemicals could potentially contribute to various disease states. Zeolites are used in agriculture to cleanse soil of toxins. They have also been used in NASA’s space programme to decontaminate air and water supplies. In Chernnobyl, they were even added to the soil and given to residents to counteract radiation after the nuclear fallout. Powdered zeolites can help to effectively eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

The body does not absorb zeolite powder – it passes through and out of your system removing the toxins at the same time.

We stock the Real Thing Zeolite Powder – made from just the purest, 100% natural powdered zeolites, comprised of 95% clinoptilolite. The Real Thing Zeolite Powder is produced in the United States, using quality controlled procedures. Plus its positive ion exchange capacity is tested every month. Just to ensure it keeps working for you.

Himalaya Salt Lamps could potentially help too. Whilst there is no formal research to confirm these claims, it has been noted that Salt Lamps could have a number of health benefits.

Nature produces negative ions to combat air pollution. The negative ions attract the harmful particles, which are positively charged, and they balance and neutralize them, so that they lose their damaging characteristics.

In order to breathe in fresh and pure air and protect our health, we need to be surrounded by negative ions. Negative ions can stimulate the flow of oxygen to your brain and thus could increase your mental alertness and energy. Himalayan salt lamps have been seen to emit negative ions. The heat from the lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. Salt itself is hygroscopic and attracts the water from the surroundings. You can often see that the salt lamp is damp or even wet, especially in more humid environments. Due to the gentle heat of the lamp, the water quickly evaporates and during the evaporation process the beneficial negative ions get created. They go on to bind with excessive positive ions (bacteria, molds and allergens all carry a positive charge) and neutralize the electronic smog in your home.

[mark style=”paragraph”]As part of our going green campaign for March we will be offering you 10% off Himalayan salt lamps and Zeolite powder purchased from Thrive for the month of March. [/mark][/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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