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Nutrition to Boost your Energy Levels and Fight COVID-19 Fatigue

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Nutrition to Boost your Energy Levels and Fight COVID-19 Fatigue
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After the last year and the second wave of Covid-19, we are all feeling some form of fatigue, whether mentally, emotionally and/or physically. This, combined with life’s daily demands and challenges, means we could all do with more energy.

The key to optimising our functional health and energy levels lies in a holistic therapeutic lifestyle approach, of which nutrition is a vital element. We can make a significant difference to our health and energy levels by making sustainable nutritional choices.

5 tips that will enable you to optimise your energy:

  1. Make sure that you eat something low GI within half an hour of waking to ensure you balance your blood sugar and don’t start your day “firing” on your adrenals, which will only reduce your energy levels.
  2. Avoid white refined flour, sugars and processed foods in all forms. These foods deplete the body of magnesium and will contribute to fatigue.
  3. Eat something (small amounts) every 3 hours to keep blood sugar levels balanced and ensure your energy doesn’t dip.
  4. Drink 200ml of water every hour, adding fresh lemon to help alkaline your body and flush toxins that cause fatigue.
  5. Make sure you get outdoors daily and get enough rest.

Key foods to include in your diet to optimise energy levels:

  1. Make sure that every meal is made up of 50% non-starchy vegetables and ensure a wide variety. That is, eat ‘’across the rainbow’’, including all colour varieties. It is important to include some green leafy cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, to name a few. Vegetables are filled with antioxidants and fiber and help to alkaline the body, which will boost your energy and build your immunity.
  2. Include legumes and wholegrains in your diet such as quinoa, lentils and brown rice which help balance blood sugar and will avoid energy dips during the day.
  3. Eat some protein at every meal. Consume only lean free range or organic protein such as fish, lean chicken and red meat, eggs or tofu. Protein provides the amino acids that are needed for repair of tissues in our bodies, for our brain chemistry and for muscle maintenance. Protein is also found in nuts, nut butters as well as legumes.
  4. Snack on healthy tree nuts like almonds, brazil nuts or some apple and nut butter as they are higher in protein and will stabilise your blood sugar, keeping you fuller for longer and helping to keep your energy levels up.
  5. Limit animal fats such as full cream dairy and processed cheese as it is inflammatory, which will contribute to fatigue.

By making small sustainable changes, you will feel energised and able to face the challenges and opportunities of 2021!

BY: Ilse Brown, Nutritionist
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