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The power of superfoods

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Superfoods – keep your family healthy with the power of these foods

We love the health benefits of Superfoods.  Superfoods are the most concentrated mineral and nutrient dense organic foods on the planet, with nutrients in their natural form. These nutrients are, therefore, easily absorbable and usable by the body to provide abundant energy. They are high vibrational foods, revered by ancient cultures around the world, which provide maximum energy and healing.  Here are 3 superfoods you can easily incorporate into your family’s foods –

Goji berries – This antioxidant superberry is considered a longevity tonic food in Chinese medicine, meaning that daily use has a cumulative effect over time. The Soaring Free Superfood goji berries are of the highest grade and quality worldwide and are certified to have been grown organically, free from any chemicals.

Eat Goji Berries for:
– immune system support
– boosting energy and vitality
– anti-aging antioxidants
– blood sugar level balancing

How to use
Goji berries are added to almost everything in China, from teas to broths, to salads or stews. This is done because goji berries are known to help fuel the digestive fire by stimulating the release of digestive juices. Gojis have a unique, slightly sweet, cranberry-raisin like taste. Start your day off with a glass of warm water with lemon and a small handful of gojis. Eat gojis as a dried fruit snack or mix them with nuts, seeds and cacao nibs to make your own snack mix. Add them to your tea, smoothies, sprinkle over salads or muesli, or blend them into soups or broth. They can be used in all manner of healthy desserts and power bars. Children love to snack on gojis!

  1. Good news! Chocolate IS good for you! Raw chocolate is one of the highest antioxidant foods known and is a rich source of magnesium and mood enhancing brain-chemicals including PEA, Anandamide, serotonin, and dopamine. Moms treat your family to raw cacao recommended daily intake 5-20g daily.  We stock cacao nibs, paste, powder, and butter.

Eat cacao for:
– heart – supporting magnesium
– mood enhancing effects
– anti-aging antioxidants
– suppressing appetite for weight loss

How to use cacao nibs:

Sprinkle them over your morning breakfast or use them as chocolate chips in your smoothies. Create a delicious snack of raw cacao nibs combined with a few Goji berries or other dried fruit of your choice. For an instant decadent dessert upgrade, drizzle with a teaspoon of your favourite nut butter.

 Camu camu berry is a small red South American super-berry that is a natural plant source of vitamin C and is a powerful antioxidant

Eat Camu Camu for:
– immune system support
– protecting the nervous system
– antioxidants preventing DNA damage
– effective anti-depressant properties

How to use Camu Camu superfoods
Use between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon at least once daily for a powerful nutritional boost. Blend into water, juice, smoothies or desserts. In this 30:1 concentration powder, a little goes a long way! Create your own super immune boosting flu buster and throat soother by combining this high vitamin-C camu camu powder with honey and eating it straight from the jar, or dissolved into warm water.

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