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Dr Bruce Thomson – Thrive Natural Remedy Range

Dr Bruce Thomson - Thrive Natural Remedy Range

+ Helpful Hints

Calm Plex: For relief from anxiety and shock. Reducing the Fight/Flight response and Calming the Nerves.

HH: try a few rounds of 9 good ‘belly breaths’: count in for 4, hold 2, out for 8 (at least) and repeat 9 times

Gastro-Plex: For relief from Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhoea. For both viral states and the effects of bad food.

HH: activated charcoal tablets, licorice extract in any form (with care if you have hypertension), lots of fluid with electrolytes

Head/Pain Plex: For relief from chronic and acute Tension Headache/Migraine.


Tonsil Plex: For relief from acute and chronic tonsillitis, and general sore throat conditions.

Dormi Plex: For relief from Insomnia and Restlessness preventing sleep.

Wheeze Plex: For relief from asthmatic wheezing or a tight chest.

Cough Plex: For relief from both dry and wet coughs.

Teething Plex: For relief from teething pain and associated restlessness and fever.

Pyro Plex: For relief from abscesses, acne, and boils, especially if chronic and recurrent

E.N.T Plex: For relief from Viral Upper Respiratory Tract and ear Infections

P.M.S Plex: For relief from premenstrual tension and related hormone imbalances.

Injury Plex: For relief from exercise or trauma-induced injury to skin, muscles, and tendons. May be used directly on wounds such as cuts and abrasions.



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