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Foods That Fight Colds and Flu

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fight colds and flu naturally with food
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Ward off colds and flu this winter by eating these foods

Don’t let the winter bugs get you down – we are here to teach you about foods that fight colds and flu.  Make sure your diet supports the treatment of symptoms of colds and flu with these easy to follow suggestions:

1. Garlic

Full of natural “antibiotics”, especially an ingredient called allicin, which is a natural decongestant and immune strengthening booster, garlic is one of the top foods that fight colds and flu and is best eaten raw.

Try this simple recipe to get your intake of garlic naturally:

  • Crush up to two cloves and let the minced garlic rest for about 15 minutes, letting the garlic’s enzymes activate.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey (also healing) to the minced garlic
  • Top on a small slice of bread or cracker with the mix and eat

If raw garlic is not for you, try to supplement with Solgar Garlic for an added immune system boost.

2. Cayenne Pepper

If you are not scared of the heat,  add cayenne pepper to a ginger shot from the Juice Kitchen or mix into a teaspoon of natural honey.  The heat from the cayenne pepper helps free up nasal passages by acting as an expectorant, or natural decongestant medicine.  Try this cayenne pepper tea to help boost your immune system:

  • Take 1 tsp cayenne pepper and place in a mug (use slightly less if you are not used to cayenne pepper)
  • Add hot water to the mug and stir in the cayenne pepper
  • Add juice from ½ lemon into the mug and keep stirring
  • Let the tea cool for 1 or 2 minutes until cool enough to drink
  • You can add ginger as well – add peeled ginger in the bottom of the mug and allow it to steep in the hot water before adding the cayenne and the lemon.

We stock Good Life Organics Cayenne Pepper – a certified range of organic herbs and spices.

3. Juicing

This is a quick and easy way to give your body the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals it needs to ward off colds and flu. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice could help boost the immune system.  Make sure you pop into The Juice Kitchen at Thrive for your Vitamin C booster juice or try making your own juice with this simple to follow recipe:

Beetroots are high in antioxidants and assist as an anti-inflammatory. Combined with the vitamin C from apples and spinach and healing properties of ginger, this is a juice to help you fight cold and flu attacks.

  • 1 large beetroot
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 handful fresh spinach leaves
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • Combine all ingredients in a juicer
  • Pour into a glass, add an ice block and enjoy

4. Green Tea 

High in antioxidants to give your immune system the boost it needs.  We love the taste of Supreme Matcha Green Tea from Pukka, AND it’s one of the foods that fight colds and flu.  Made with the finest organic ingredients this is the ultimate superhero tea when you are running low.

5. Honey is one of the foods that fight colds and flu

If you are suffering from a sore and itchy throat, you may find relief from honey. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that work to lessen inflammation and swelling whilst irritation within the internal glands, mucous membranes and skin.  We stock MACS All Natural Honey – 100% natural and unheated and locally farmed.


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