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Living Freely as a Modern Mom

Living Freely as a Modern Mom

Technology and innovation are supposed to make the world and the joy of parenting easier, right? As a keen observer of parents, I watch moms and dads load and unpack cars, arrive and leave from parties, agonise over all the things they need to have before their baby arrives, stress about their children’s schedules, and download apps for everything from sleep-schedules to helping them manage their screen time. There seems to be a lot of pressure on not only doing everything right, but having everything right. My worry is that a lot of precious time is lost in managing all of this stuff. We could be using this time to live a little freer with our children. Emotional Intelligence is largely learned through the interactions that children have with other people. We learn how to communicate, empathise, regulate our thoughts and feelings, grow resilience, deal with conflict and many other important EQ skills through experiences with the people (not stuff or technology). It’s time to get on the floor and make eye contact with your baby. It’s time to get out in the garden and play with your toddler. It’s time to start having real conversations with your teens around the dinner table. 

Paul Bushell – Psychologist 

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