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Women’s Wellness

Women's Wellness

Spotlight on PMS Plex – a quietly elegant Remedy.

Did you know that we stock our own range of remedies prepared by homeopath Dr Bruce Thomson? Be sure to look in our health shop and find the 12 Thrive branded remedies that address  a broad range of common ailments – from Migraines to Anxiety, Teething to Coughs, Ears/Noses/Throats to Insomnia and a few things in between – the so-called Plex’s.

One of those in betweens is PMS Plex, which has as its Primary Indication the PreMenstrual Syndrome – that pandoras box of pain and irritability that effects anything from 10% to 95% of women – depending on where in the world you are and which study you read…

The PMS Plex remedy combines the benefits of using Homeopathic organotherapies (that target specific body tissues/organs (Adrenals/Pituitary/Thymus/Ovary/Thyroid) with the intention of helping the body to pay attention to their activities and functions), with a few remedies well known for their use in this condition and the indications of which are as follows:

Nat Mur– we are worse from sun exposure, migraines likely accompany our menstrual complaints, we tend to cry alone and are affronted by consolation, we are thirsty and crave salt.

Sabina– severe pain with menses from lower back to the pubis, as if bones are breaking, usually worse for movement

Sepia  – we are irritable, depressed and weepy, particularly with family/at home, weeping for no reason, and we are better when alone  

Thuja– where there are cysts in the history and irregular menses with the PMS.

 If you or someone you know suffers from PMS and fits any of the descriptions above, why not try PMS Plex! It might change your life.

Dr. Bruce Thomson, homeopath and registered acupuncturist is at Thrive every Tuesday and Thursday. Book your appointment with him dr.bthomson@gmail.comor phone/whatsapp on 0837899328.

Dr Bruce Thomson (MTechHom)

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