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How Thrive Can Help You Live Green

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How Thrive Can Help You Live Green
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Live Green With Thrive

We have lots of great products to help you on your journey towards more sustainable living. Here is what is NEW at Thrive to help you create a greener living for you and your family –

1) Make the simple switch to The Environmental bamboo toothbrush. Millions of plastic toothbrushes are used and dumped in landfills around the world. The Environmental toothbrush is made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo and is the perfect alternative to plastic. The packaging is biodegradable too!

2) Say no to plastic straws and make the easy choice of bamboo straws. We stock Ecoplanet bamboo straws – an all-natural plant based product made from sustainable bamboo fibre.

3) Eliminate unpleasant odours with the Ecoplanet bamboo charcoal air purifying bags. Simply place bags in your car, bathroom or even your gym bag for an effective and simple way of absorbing and eliminating unpleasant odours and harmful pollutants. We also love that the natural fibre bags are hand stitched by community seamstresses. Available in a number of different sizes.

4) Filter your water with the eco-friendly Kuro-bo activated charcoal water filter system. 100% natural, reusable, and recyclable filter that could purify ordinary tap water by removing toxins and remineralising, while also improving the taste!

5) We are excited to stock the gorgeous natural perfumes from Botanical Buddha – inspired by nature, these perfumes are handcrafted in small batches with 100% natural ingredients, each item is mindfully made, free of preservatives, parabens and artificial colours and scents. Products are not (and will never be) tested on animals.

6) Konjac Sponges are natural, biodegradable, naturally sustainable and environmentally safe. For over a century, the Japanese have been using the konjac vegetable as a beauty treatment for their delicate skin. Amorphophallus konjac is an alkaline and is loaded with goodness. Great for all skin types.

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