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Together Let’s Make a Change

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Together Let's Make a Change
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We Can Help the Environment

Everything we do has an impact on our planet and environment – both good and bad. We need to focus more on what we can do to influence the planet and environment positively, what we can do to be more sustainable and how we can reduce our impact on the environment. Together we can make the change.
Change can be easy and very simple – here are some quick and easy ideas to help you “go green” –


And minimize the impact that you are having on the environment. An easy way to start is supporting your local school’s initiatives of recycling glass and newspapers.
At Thrive we reduce, reuse and recycle by recycling all our brown boxes. We do this in 3 ways – we reuse the boxes for all our online orders and deliveries placed on our website, we reuse boxes for large purchases made at Thrive and give our customers boxes to carry purchases (no plastic bags are used) and any excess boxes are removed from our store and taken to a local school in support of their recycling programme.
We encourage customers and our community to recycle – please bring in your old polytop plastic medicine bottles. We will remove the labels and reuse these to reduce our impact of plastic.
In our admin offices, we recycle paper and reuse paper – we make sure we print both front and back to minimize our effect on the environment.

Learn more about how you can reduce, reuse and recycle here.


Yes, that’s right… say no to plastic. Why because it’s not biodegradable – plastic bags take approximately 1000 years to break down. So say no to plastic shopping bags and rather opt for reusable cloth bags. Say no to plastic bags used to weigh your fruit and vegetables. Make the switch to Freshbags. The light-weight net bags can be used in all shops to weigh and buy loose produce. The breathable bags also work well in the fridge for storage too.
Protect our planet from the effects of single-use plastic. Say No to plastic straws! Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are produced daily worldwide only to be used for a couple of minutes before being thrown away. Plastic straws are one of the top 10 items picked up at beach cleanups worldwide. Use bamboo straws as an alternative – biodegradable, ocean-friendly and deforestation-free.
Say No to plastic cling wrap. Rather reduce, reuse and recycle with Lulu Bees reusable food wraps. These reusable food wraps are a natural food storage alternative to plastic cling wrap. Plastic-free and waste-free, use these to wrap lunches, cheese, fruit, veggies, herbs or cover dishes! Now stocked at Thrive.
Say No to single-use coffee cups with plastic lids. If you get your morning cuppa from your favourite coffee shop, take along your own coffee cup. We love the Ecoffee cup range – gorgeous designs, made from organic bamboo where the base and lid is biodegradable and of course the lid is BPA free. Follow our mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle with the Ecoffee cups.


Support this initiative and your impact on the environment by removing meat, eggs and dairy from your meals each Monday. It’s a great way to start the week knowing the choices that you make are making a difference.
By pledging to eat plant-based meals every Monday you will be munching your way towards a healthier body, a more sustainable planet and a more conscientious approach to eating. By switching to plant-based foods on Green Mondays you’ll actually be reducing your carbon footprint! That’s because plant-based foods tend to use less water, require less land for production, and emit fewer greenhouse gases than the production of animal products.

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