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What to pack on holiday

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What to pack on holiday
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What to pack on holiday (just in case)

Here are our top 10 must-haves to pack on holiday!

  1. Aloe Gel – great to soothe and heal burnt skin. We stock Totally Wild Aloe Gel, certified organic, which utilises the inner flesh of the aloe plant and combines the powers of the Kalahari Melon Seed Oil. Excellent for moisturising, skin regenerating,  soothing, anti-inflammatory,  anti-allergenic, skin irritations, burns, sunburn, skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis etc).
  2. Melaskin remedy – an organic cream and natural remedy for treating insect bites, burns and sunburn. Melaskin is associated with Phyto Trade – a fair trade organization promoting sustainable harvesting of indigenous plants in the wild.
  3. Gastronol by A. Vogel – A homoeopathic medicine which assists in the treatment of diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and flatulence. Stomach pains, cramps and colic, mild diarrhoea, flatulence/bloatedness, sense of fullness, indigestion, food stays in the stomach for a long time.
  4. Tea Tree Essential Oil – has impressive antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it widely used in the treatment of many skin conditions. We stock Soil organic aromatherapy range because only organic ingredients are used in all the oils and are locally produced in KZN!
  5. Vertigoheel from Heel –a homoeopathic treatment ideal for motion sickness, dizziness and nausea (also helpful if you experience sea sickness).
  6. Arnica – has been seen to relieve bruising, swelling and pain and assists in the recovery of minor injuries.
  7. Echinaforce by A. Vogel – is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of coughs, colds and influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions.
  8. Rescue by Natura – always good to have on hand – a homoeopathic flower essence combination complementary medicine used to help stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional shock.
  9. Lavender Essential Oil – A must for the first-aid box! A versatile oil, Lavender is renowned for its relaxing and calming properties and its ability to relieve headaches and insomnia. Excellent for all skin types, it is also very effective in the treatment of burns and prevention of scarring.
  10. Eucalyptus Essential Oil – It helps clear breathing passageways and can protect against colds. It cools the body in summer and protects it in winter.

If you know what to pack on holiday, you will be prepared for the little things that could put a damper on your day.