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Specialist Mom and Baby Care

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Mom and baby care the healthy way
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Natural and Organic Mom and Baby Products

Did you know we offer specialist mom and baby care? We have an extensive range of well researched products all natural, organic and for the most part proudly South African.  For all new moms, make Thrive your one stop shop for baby care.

Some of our favourite Mom and Baby Care Items:

  • We stock the Pure Beginnings range – keep skin as pure as the day you were born with this natural, organic and proudly South African range. Shop any Pure Beginnings product this February and receive a free surprise sample!
  • Disposable nappies are filling our landfills.  Each child in disposable nappies produces approximately 2 tons of non-biodegradable waste in the 2.5 years they are in nappies. Make the responsible choice for our environment and switch to Fancy Pants cloth nappies.  So simple and easy to use. Fancypants have been designed with moms and dads (and grandmas and caretakers) in mind. Simply stuff the insert inside the pocket of the nappy or fold the flaps flat in the nappy, place under baby’s bum and fasten it along the waist, similar to the way you would fasten a disposable diaper. The all in one design means no folding, no pinning, no covers, nothing!  If you still have doubts join us for an informative demonstration on the 28th February for more – email to find out more.
  • Soil is a proudly South African organic aromatherapy range.  We love the Soil baby massage oil – a gentle blend of chamomile, lavender and olive oil.  Research has shown that baby massage promotes growth and development in premature babies and has many benefits for babies and parents in general. Enjoy a bonding experience with your baby using this relaxing and soothing massage oil.
  • Boody Baby is an amazing clothing range for babies from 0-18 months.  We simply love the super soft, breathable and totally comfortable clothing range made from eco friendly sustainable bamboo fibre.  Available in pinks, blues and white.
  • Give your children the multivitamin they need with Metagenics Phytomulti Kids chewable tablets. PhytoMulti Kids is uniquely designed to complement a healthy diet with a rainbow spectrum of phytonutrients to activate health potential like no other chewable foundation nutrition formula. Kids tested and approved – a natural tropical citrus fruit flavour and sweetened with xylitol.
  • We stock a wide range of Melissa and Doug’s toys. Encourage your children to play and make Thrive your destination for these educational and interactive toys.

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