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Professional, trustworthy advice from our team of registered
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Visit our primary health care clinics at Thrive Kloof, Hilton and Ballito for professional and trustworthy advice from our team of registered well-trained and trusted nurses.

Our clinic sisters undergo constant training and are at the cutting edge of the latest developments and research available. Please consult one of our sisters for all your clinic requirements.

Our Clinic Services

This measures how effectively blood is transported to your organs. Systolic pressure (the higher value) fluctuates with mood and stress; and diastolic (the lower value) is fairly stable.

This is a measurement of the amount of sugar in your blood. Elevated blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes.

We can take bloods for you and send them off to the laboratories. This saves you from having to go to a lab for your blood tests.

Blood cholesterol levels are measured by a small blood sample taken from your finger. The blood is tested for total cholesterol levels and just gives an indication of whether it is necessary to have further full lipoprotein profile completed.

Involves syringing warm water into the ear to loosen and remove stubborn wax – chat to the clinic sister on whether this would be something for you.

As part of Discovery’s Vitality, they will cover the costs of the wellness tests out of your hospital benefit, i.e. even if you don’t have a savings plan, they will pay for your wellness tests and you can earn Vitality points. We have partnered with Discovery for all health care checks.

Our sisters are qualified to give family planning advice and administer family planning injectables.

Prevent flu this season by vaccinating yourself, family and staff against the winter’s worse. Discovery patients can earn 1000 vitality points. If you have 20 or more staff members, we will come to your business to vaccinate your staff.

Quick finger prick test to determine Hb level and this will allow you to decide whether you need iron supplementation or not.

As part of the ongoing campaign to make people aware of their status, we are very involved in the latest information about HIV, AIDS and how-to advice and counsel people as well as providing nutritional support. We perform the pre and post-test counselling and are happy to submit the claim to your Discovery Medical Aid to earn Vitality points.

Our nursing sisters are able to administer injectables to meet your pain needs, vitamin B deficiencies or prescription injectables.

Our nursing sisters are able to administer baby vaccines.

Our sisters are authorized to provide lice clearance certificates to ensure your hair is lice free.

If the total cholesterol screening results in elevated readings, lipograms can be performed in the clinic to give accurate levels of each lipoprotein, namely Triglycerides, HDL and LDL.

These are quick screening tests done from a finger prick to determine if patients who have been in malaria areas have contracted malaria or should have further investigations.

Our nurse is specifically trained in oncology care and is able to offer advice, care of radiation burns, diet and injections and port flushes.

For patients that are not comfortable performing their own pregnancy tests, we can perform the screening urine tests and/or confirmatory blood tests.

For your convenience, we will remove your stitches for you.

Finger prick test to determine uric acid level which will determine whether you have gout.

Urine tests done to determine whether any abnormalities exist in the urine which could be indicative of bladder infections, kidney problems, glucose or ketone abnormalities.

All travel vaccines, except yellow fever, can be done at Thrive by our competent nurses. We also offer tetanus vaccinations following injury.

These tests determine how ‘well’ you are. They are comprehensive tests assessing your nutrition, lifestyle, body mass index, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood glucose.

Basic wound care and dressings. Our sisters are able to clean, debride and dress wounds that don’t require stitches. Maintain and clean wounds that require ongoing care. Diabetic care for wounds.

Including weighing, measuring and feeding advice for your baby.

You can now book for baby vaccinations in our Ballito Clinic