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Medication Blister Packing
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Medication Blister Packing

Chronic Medicine Blister Packing

What Is Easy-Blist & Why Have Your Medications Blister Packed?

Blister packing offers an easy, safe and convenient way to ensure that you use your medication optimally. Our blister packs are easy and simple to use. They give an overall picture of your medication plan with medicine strength and dosage. This can be shown to your doctor to ensure a complete picture before being prescribed something new. This then also minimizes the risk of interactions between different medications.

The packs are clearly marked with days of the week and times of day to help give you peace of mind and confidence in your day-to-day routine — no more not knowing if you took your medication that day.

Medication Blister Packing

Through blister packing Thrive Pharmacy can help you be more confidant and independent in regards to the correct use of your medication.

Medication Blister Packing
  • Thrive has over 8 years of experience with blister packing of medication and has been the pharmacy of choice for numerous care homes and private patients.
  • The pharmacist will, with your prior approval, substitute cost effective generics where available.
  • Once you sign up for this service the pharmacist will automatically do your blister packing for you each month. No need to phone every month to organise. No need to stress about not having enough medication.
  • We offer free delivery of blister packs and other medication when residing within the delivery area of Thrive Pharmacy.
  • The pharmacist will liaise with your doctor to ensure that your medication is taken exactly the way it is prescribed.
  • Each medication taken has a picture to show you what you are taking, who the doctor was that prescribed the item and a notification of when your script expires.
  • The blister packing process has 4 checks ensuring the correct medicine is dispensed and packaged every time.
  • Blister packs are easy to use and make it simple to take your medicines on time – every time. Better compliance means better results.
  • Blister packing gives one overall picture of your medicine plan which ensures better management.