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Immuno-Eeze 60s

Immuno-eeze is a Natural product that may assist the Immune system and improve general well being.




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Immuno-eeze is unique as it contains 2 South African herbs, which have been used for centuries.

Sutherlandia is a well-known plant used by the Voortrekkers, who named the plant ‘Kanker bossie’, they noticed its unique health properties, in particular for persons with compromised Immune systems.

Warburgia better known as the Pepper bark tree was used traditionally for pain relief, fungal infections and as a lung and bladder tonic.The literature describes Warburgia as a plant that can contribute significantly to human health and wellbeing.

The Vitamins and Minerals have well known Anti-oxidant, metabolism assisting, nerve and general tonic properties, membrane healing and Immune support.

Immuno-eeze may be very useful during overseas travel.While on long distance flights we are exposed to so many micro-organisms, we also get sleep deprived and eat airline food which can compromise our immune system.Immuno-eeze may supply the ideal support required for the Immune system while travelling.It is recommended to take the Booster dose for the first 5 days of your travel and then the Maintenance dose thereafter.

Immuno-eeze can be taken as a daily supplement or the booster dose can be taken as and when required or when you start to feel unwell.

At the onset of your travel take the Booster dose-2 capsules 3 times daily for the first 5 days, thereafter 1 capsule twice daily as a Maintenance dosage.
If at any stage you start to feel tired or unwell, it is suggested you take the Booster dose for a further 5 days.
If you are in a Malaria area or have visited one in the last 30 days and you have Flu like symptoms and fever-seek Medical attention without delay.

Please read the package insert before use.