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Natura Lungen Drops

This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the lungs and respiratory system and aids in the treatment of chronic lung disorders including prediagnosed asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, laryngitis and tracheitis. Also assists in the treatment of chronic influenza and cough. This medicine is an adjuvant for treatment of chronic asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and tracheitis and may be used to complement existing medication for the treatment of these conditions. To be sure that serious conditions do not persist undetected, please ensure that bronchitis, emphysema and tracheitis are prediagnosed by a suitably qualified practitioner. To be sure that serious conditions do not persist undetected, please ensure that tinnitus, auditory vertigo and Meniere’s disease are prediagnosed by a suitably qualified practitioner.



Product Size: 25ml

Product Information:

CBetonica officinalis acts as a tonic for treatment of bronchial asthma with excessive, tenacious mucus in the bronchi. Boletus laricis is indicated for treatment of intermittent fever with profuse perspiration and chills at night and emphysema. Centaurea cyanus helps treat chronic bronchitis with profuse secretion of mucus, tickling in the larynx, cough and dyspnoea. Glechoma hederacea is indicated for treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. It relieves cough with laryngeal and tracheal irritation. Malva sylvestris treats emphysema and tenacious catarrh throughout the respiratory system. Marrubium vulgare assists in the treatment of chronic disease of the respiratory system. It relieves chronic accumulation of mucus in the respiratory system, cough and chronic bronchitis. Oenanthe aquatica relieves cough with profuse offensive expectoration. It assists in the treatment of bronchitis, tuberculosis, dyspnoea, emphysema and chronic cough. Pimpinella saxifraga treats catarrh in the respiratory system, laryngitis, bronchitis and asthma and the associated weakness and feeling of congestion in the head. Polygala amara has a special affinity for the respiratory system for the treatment of chronic lung diseases including asthma and pneumonia. It promotes the expectoration of loose mucus from the respiratory passages. Pulmonaria officinalis relieves coryza, and bronchial catarrh associated with rheumatic disturbances. It also relieves dry, hacking cough, loose cough and post nasal drip. Salvia officinalis relieves suffocating, tickling cough and helps counter excessive perspiration, especially the night sweats associated with tuberculosis. Tussilago farfara treats thick, loose expectoration, harsh, dry cough, dyspnoea and profuse perspiration often accompanied by weight loss. Urtica urens is indicated for tropical fever and profuse discharges from the mucous membranes. It also relieves urticaria and itchy, skin rashes accompanying some respiratory disorders.


  • Take ten drops directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water three times daily.
  • May be taken one to two hourly in acute cases while symptoms are severe.
  • Reduce dosage with improvement of symptoms.
  • As absorption of homeopathic medicines occurs mainly through the mucous membrane of the mouth, it is desirable to hold the medicine in the mouth for a short period and for the mouth to be free of any other tastes (toothpaste, peppermint, etc.) when taking the medicine.
  • Avoid taking this medicine within half an hour of strong coffee, chocolate, camphor or aromatic substances which may reduce the efficacy of the homeopathic components..


  • Please consult your practitioner if symptoms are severe or persist without improvement.
  • In the rare event of hypersensitivity to an ingredient in this medicine, discontinue use.
  • Substitute existing medical treatment under professional supervision only.
  • This product contains alcohol and should be used with caution by individuals with a sensitivity or intolerance to alcohol..


Betonica officinalis Spag D3, Boletus laricis Spag D3 Polygala, Centaurea cyanus Spag D3, Glechoma hederacea Spag D3, Malva sylvestris Spag D3, Marrubium vulgare Spag D3, Oenanthe aquatica Spag D3,  Pimpinella saxifraga Spag D3, Polygala amara Spag D3, Pulmonaria officinalis Spag D3, Salvia officinalis Spag D3, Tussilago farfara Spag D3, Urtica urens Spag D3, Oenanthe aquatica Spag D3 Preservative: 20% Alcohol.