Keto Zero Sweet is a UNIQUE product in this country (a South African FIRST) which tastes JUST like sugar (better actually), with the following benefits:
•  1 for 1 sugar replacement
•  NO aftertaste
•  NO carbs
•  NO calories
•  NO glycemic index
•  NO guilt and NO sweat!
•  NOTHING added

Other BENEFITS include the following:
•  Healthy
•  Safe
•  GOOD for you
•  Promotes weight loss
•  Perfect for diabetics and those with Insulin Resistance
•  Fantastic for weight loss and blood sugar issues
•  Does not spike insulin at all
•  Perfect to bake with – use exactly as you would use sugar

FANTASTIC if you are on ANY of the following DIETS:
•  Keto
•  Diabetic
•  Candida
•  Paleo
•  Vegan
•  Sugar-Free
•  Non-GMO
•  Weight loss
•  Any diet for health or weight loss

The sweet taste is NOT sugar – it comes from mogrosides, compounds which taste SWEET but have no glycemic index, carbs or calories. A 2011 study showed that the fruit’s mogrosides are anti-inflammatory, keep blood sugar levels stable and may help prevent cancer.

KETO SWEET has erythritol (non-GMO) and monk fruit extract (100% pure without any additives, non-GMO) as its ingredients, which is a very tasty and outstanding alternative to sugar or any other sugar replacement. I’ve been ‘testing’ it for 14 months now – and LOVE IT! We did a taste test – real sugar in one glass of water and in another glass of water, Keto Sweet. Nobody knew which one was in which glass. To a man, those who tasted the real sugar said it had a chemical taste compared to what they said was a totally natural taste from the Keto Sweet. BINGO! No more aftertaste. Hope you like it as much as we do.