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Sterimar Blocked Nose Baby Spray

Sterimar Blocked Nose Baby-Child spray is a hypertonic solution made from 100% natural sea water enriched with added copper and magnesium salts. Recommended to provide relief from nasal congestion (common colds, rhinopharyngitis, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis). It also cleanses to enhance the action of medicated treatments.

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Product Size: 50ml gentle spray

Features and Benefits:

Sterimar blocked nose baby-child has been specially designed for the delicate noses of babies over 3 months and children: the salt content of the hypertonic sea water solution and the pressure of the spray have been developed to be gentle on the nasal mucosa

  • Provides relief from a blocked nose (common colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis)
  • Preservative-free with added copper, mineral salts and marine trace elements
  • Salt content and pressure have been specially developed to be gentle on little noses
  • Cleanses the nasal passages to enhance the action of medicated nasal treatments

Directions: Prepare the spray by briefly pressing the nozzle. Insert the nozzle into the nostril. Press briefly for daily hygiene and for a few seconds to irrigate. Let any excess solution run out then blow your nose. Repeat in the other nostril.

Ingredients: A hypertonic filtered sea water solution, that is preservative free, rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements, it contains additional copper.