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The Juice Kitchen at Thrive Ballito

The Juice Kitchen at Thrive Ballito

The Juice Kitchen started in 2014, from our kitchen counter top! From humble beginnings we now have 4 Juice bars in KZN and we are just getting started.

The Juice Kitchen was born out of a genuine passion for providing the body with the highest quality nutrition available in the modern world, cold pressed raw fruit and vegetable juices.

We are ambitious to the core and strive to be at the forefront of our industry. Our core H.I.P values are the compass that guide everything we do – Honest, Inspirational and Passionate.

The current juicing trends are growing at an increasingly rapid rate. This is being driven by a demand for healthier food for the increasingly health conscious consumer base. Consumers are developing a deeper understanding of the benefits of cold pressed juices which has shown a big shift towards fruit and vegetable juices rather than carbonated drinks.

Millennials and the modern age are less obsessed with extreme diets and much more aware of implementing healthy decisions into their everyday lives, the easiest way being drinking a daily fruit and vegetable juice.

Juice cleansing programs are a very productive way of kick starting a healthier and cleaner eating regime but incorporating juices into everyday life is at the forefront of the clean food revolution.

Most juice brands in South Africa have taken to H.P.P high pressure pasturization to allow pressed juices to last for a month in bottles and on shelves. The H.P.P process has made the juice revolution more accessible but this form of heat treatment takes the “fresh” out of fresh pressed juice and this is why we have never adopted this process in the Juice kitchen.

The Juice Kitchen is thrilled to be aligning our brand with the Thrive brand as we believe that they share our “ no short cut approach” to the health and wellness of its customers.
Juicing has moved beyond being a “fad”.

There are so many diseases that come from inflammation in the body – juicing has become an easy and key way of ridding the body of inflammation.

We love what we do, we love the people we do it with and we love the people we do it for.

See you in March when we switch our lights on bigger and brighter.
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