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6 reasons to celebrate Mothers Day

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6 reasons to celebrate Mothers Day
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Mother’s Day – a day set aside in our busy lives to honour all our moms, celebrating motherhood and maternal bonds. And this month we are celebrating all our ladies!

6 reasons why we are celebrating Mother’s Day –

M = Meals – good or bad, we must salute her attempts.  Making meals everyday for the family especially after a hard days work… aprons off to you mom!

O = Ointments – the never ending medicine cupboard full of ointments that always make you feel better, often followed by a hug and kiss and that “everything is going to be alright”

T = Teaching – Moms our walking encyclopedias and wealth of knowledge – our greatest teachers in life lessons, values and skills.

H = Hearing – supersonic hearing!!! Moms can tell the difference between a cry of pain or frustration, the rustle of the biscuit jar opening and the creek of the door opening!

E = Eternal – an eternal life long bond and love – no matter what we do or look like a mothers love never ends.

R = Right – although we don’t want to admit is… our mom’s are usually right!

(Reference – 6 Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016)

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