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Detox Season is Open at the Juice Kitchen

Detox Season is Open at the Juice Kitchen

Now that the rush of January is behind us a lot of people find the month of February the best time to re-balance and purify the body from all our December holiday fun!! This reconnection with our bodies sets us up for a year of growth, but growth requires energy a key ingredient most of us lack in our busy lives.

One of the hallmarks of health is an unlimited flow of life-force energy through the body, it allows us to achieve our goals and dreams. Juicing allows for an easy release of energy from the juice of the fruit and vegetables.

Juicing is also one of the most effective ways to purify and cleanse the body, no other health product can match how quickly and easily fresh fruit and vegetable juices are digested and absorbed by the body. Nearly all the nutrients required for good health can been found in fruit and vegetables and juicing makes these nutrients available in an abundant fashion.

Detox Season is Open at the Juice Kitchen

Why don’t I just eat my fruit and vegetables? A common question we get asked at The Juice Kitchen. why? because we don’t!!  With the fast pace of life and a recommended daily intake of 10 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables most of us are falling well short of this in our everyday lives. Juicing and eating a balanced diet allows for a much easier way of ensuring that we achieve our recommend daily intake.

The Juice Kitchen offers 3, 5 and 7 day juice and cleanse programmes as well as bespoke detox packages. we have a range of 35 different juices in our detox packages ensuring a rainbow of nutrition in all of our packs.

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